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Random 2d weapon generator based on this asset pack:

GMS Marketplace


  • max weapon size: 135x50
  • about 300 million combinations without colour considering
  • Paint system that can make every genetated gun really uniqe
  • PNG source and PNG export from demo
  • 6 parts + over and under barrel attachments
  • 27 barrels
  • 7 bases
  • 6 grips
  • 28 mags
  • 16 scopes + version without any scope
  • 11 stocks
  • 12 attachments over and under barrel + version without attachments
  • masks for colour cahange(version 1)
  • source .aseprite file(version 2)


Here is 4 versions of this pack, you can see it on pay page:

  • 1st version-2$. only separate .png files with masks for colour cahnge
  • 2nd version-2.5$. is source .aseprite file without colours, here you can change parts by yourself, it ordered to groups
  • 3rd version-3.5$ is exe file that you can run and use full of functionality and export generated guns into png sprites
  • 4th version-4$. is GMS2 .yyp project with random generation and paint system,result of its work you can see on preview, generates only sprite of weapon that you can use in your GMS2 game or export


v3 and v4 has png export:

for save press S.

Then choose save location and filename


if you buy third version, first and second versions is included, if you buy second version first version is included


Get this tool and 14 more for $13.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$2.00 $1.00 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

v1 separate .png files with masks for colour change 74 kB
v2 Source .aseprite file,sprites devided into parts,without colour,create your o 38 kB
if you pay $1.25 USD or more
v3 exe file where you can export generated guns into png sprites 2 MB
if you pay $1.75 USD or more
v4 GMS2 demo with .png export and random generation and colour 780 kB
if you pay $2.25 USD or more

Development log


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Hi there,

nice tool ;)

Is it possible, to make the output higher than 128x128 ?


(1 edit)

you mean scale a weapon? It is possible to make, but you can scale it in any image editor like Photoshop or even paint. 

Hello, I bought the 3.50 $ package 
But after some tought I would like to get the GMS version 
Do I have to pay another 4.50 $ to get it, or I can send you the 1 $ left through paypal ? 
I actually don't know if we can have both version at the same time for the price of 4.50 $
Thank you again !

In you can have all 4 versions at the same time, but didn't have function for getting more expensive version by small pay. Send to any letter, I will send you my PayPal and you will get GMS version for additional payment

I was going to buy the '2D Weapon generator for GMS2. With source png' for $4 but I accidentally bought the 'Pixel Art Sci-Fi Guns icons pack' for $4. Is there any way to help me...?

(My email address is

Chek your email

Thank you for your help!!!

I already bought this, I can export pngs, can't change the paint styles though, so I guess I didn't unlock the tier 4.

I am more interested in increased resolution exports, is there a fix for that? The designs compliment the rest of the artwork, but when blown up they get too blurry.

(5 edits)

You have this interface, right? You can change paint mask by "/" and "*" in numpad, if you don't have numpad use numlock (look in google). You can change colour by numpad numbers and "shift" for gun/paint colour to change.

 If you need to use your own masks you need tier 4 and GMS2 game engine. Change one of "mask" sprite.

Write your email, I can send you tier 4 generator if you have GMS2 engine

Yeah it's the lack of numpad I guess! cool, I will look into that. andsf thanks man

(4 edits)

What scailing you using? Try "nearest neigbour" it don't have blur

this is 400% "nearest neigbour" scailing in Aseprite

This is bilinear scailing:

It completely ruins pixel art. I guess you just use wrong scailing method

oooh, did not know about it, that solves that!



Nice app! However, I am not able to download with the 'S' function. Where is the folder created?

(2 edits)

by default it should create folder C://Users/YourUsername/AppData/Local/gun-procgen  When you save gun first time. You can't find it? Try to write in a search "%AppData%" you will come to AppData folder

Then It just doesn't save the picture when I press 's'. What to do next?

(2 edits)

in object0 in draw event put this string before surface_save like in a picture. then try to save gun, it must open window where you will choose save location.

string to put:
number=get_save_filename("screenshot|*.png", "")

(1 edit)

demo and exe has been updated with this function

I thought I had answered this. It works great now, thanks. :)

Does the demo export images?

No, but Game maker is pixel perfect, you can export by PrintScreen and graphical redactor(Photoshop, Aseprite), background easily deletes, peview images made by this method, one minute and you get gun with transparent background

or you can buy .aseprite file for $2.5 and build your own gun

Stop, wait, tommorow I will make normal image export and write to you here, when update demo file

sounds great 😊

Demo file has been updated, export process you can see in added video