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Random 2d weapon generator based on this asset pack:

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  • max weapon size: 135x50
  • about 16 millions combinations without colour considering
  • PNG source and PNG export from demo
  • 6 parts + over and under barrel attachments
  • 11 barrels
  • 7 bases
  • 6 grips
  • 15 mags
  • 11 scopes + version without any scope
  • 11 stocks
  • 11 attachments over and under barrel + version without attachments
  • masks for colour cahnge(version 1)
  • source .aseprite file(version 2)
  • random colour in GMS2 demo(version 3)

Here is 4 versions of this pack, you can see it on pay page:

  • 1st version-2$. only separate .png files with masks for colour cahnge
  • 2nd version-2.5$. is source .aseprite file without colours, here you can change parts by yourself, it ordered to groups
  • 3rd version-3.5$ is exe file that you can run and export generated guns into png sprites
  • 4th version-4$. is GMS2 .yyp project with random generation and random colour,result of its work you can see on preview, generates only sprite of weapon that you can use in your GMS2 game or export

v3 and v4 has png export:

for save press S.

Note: export folder creates when you save gun first time.

if you buy third version, first and second versions is included, if you buy second version first version is included


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

v1 separate .png files with masks for colour change 68 kB
v2 Source .aseprite file,sprites devided into parts,without colour,create your o 19 kB
if you pay $2.50 USD or more
v3 exe file where you can export generated guns into png sprites 1 MB
if you pay $3.50 USD or more
v4 GMS2 demo with .png export and random generation and colour 357 kB
if you pay $4 USD or more

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Does the demo export images?

No, but Game maker is pixel perfect, you can export by PrintScreen and graphical redactor(Photoshop, Aseprite), background easily deletes, peview images made by this method, one minute and you get gun with transparent background

or you can buy .aseprite file for $2.5 and build your own gun

Stop, wait, tommorow I will make normal image export and write to you here, when update demo file

sounds great 😊

Demo file has been updated, export process you can see in added video